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  • When will I know the results of my exam?
    Exam results take up to 8 weeks from the time we send them to the National Office in New York. The exams are graded first come and inserted into their system in the same format. It all depends on the number of exams that are received ahead of our sections exams.
  • When do we need to renew our certificates?
    All certificates need to be renewed every three (3) years from the date on the certificate. There is a one(1) grace period beyond the expiration date on the certificate to renew.
  • How do I renew my certificates?
    Renewal of a certificate(s) can be accomplished in several ways. 1. Attend the next highest level. 2. Attend a workshop related to your certificate(s). Other ways to renew can be found in the Personal Log Newsletter found on our homepage ( You only need to renew your highest level.
  • What is the number of hours required for renewal?
    All Certificates need to have 16 hours of related material for renewal. The exception is the Work Zone Certificate. This Certificate requires only four (4) hours for renewal. These four (4) hours can be applied to the 16 hours needed for renewal. This certificate is also a separate renewal. Taking the next level does not renew this certificate.
  • What is the Personal Log?
    The log is a form that is required for the renewal process. The student fills out their portion of the personal log and brings it to class with them. Write a brief description of the class in the space provided. The instructor will then sign and date the form after the class is finished. The instructor fills in the hours for the class. The student then sends in the form to the National Office in Florida (597 Haverty Court Suite 100 Rockledge, FL 32955) with the renewal fee. The Personal Log can be downloaded from or
  • What are the requirements between levels?
    Work Zone Safety is required before taking any level class. There is one (1) year requirement between Work Zone Safety and Signs & Markings Level I. A two (2) year requirement between Level II and a five (5) year requirement between Level II and III. This applies to Signs & Markings, Signals and Road Way Lighting.
  • How do we pay for the classes?
    We accept checks, money orders, Purchase Orders (POs) - made out to IMSA Certification - or cash. POs can be faxed to (760) 488-1356. We then bill the agency. For payments with Credit Cards, call Terry or Teresa Gentry (760) 488-1356 for processing manually or pay directly from website.
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